Authors are cordially invited to contribute papers related to holographic memories and display. Summary paper must be written in English and follow these guidelines:

  1. Limit the length of the summary paper to 2 (two) pages, including figures, tables, results, discussion, and references.

  2. Include the entire summary within a 17 cm. × 22 cm. rectangular area for offset reproduction on A4-size paper.

  3. Center the title of the paper at the top of the page. It should be typed in capital bold letters. Below give the names of the authors, and on the next line the affiliation and address. Skip two lines and start the text.

The text must be single-spaced. All letters should be no smaller than 11 point.

  1. Save the summary paper in Portable Document Format (as a .pdf file).

  2. Submit the paper via the E-MAIL,, at the URL shown as below, may make reference to the manuscript template as the SAMPLE of ABSTRACT.

  3. Abstracts will be selected on the basis of their originality and the significance of the results. In addition, their importance to the workshop will be considered, and hence review, interpretive, and commentary papers are also welcome.