International Workshop on Holography and related technologies (IWH2016)

will be held in Jiaoxi, Yilan, Taiwan, from Nov. 11 to 13, 2016. This is the tenth workshop which covers overall aspects on holography and related technologies, holographic memories, displays, holographic measurement, computer generated holograms and digital holography, ranging from their fundamental physics and technologies to practical systems. The first International Workshop on Holographic Memories (IWHM2007) was held in Penang, Malaysia. IWHM2008, IWHM&D2009-2010 were successfully held in Japan, which includes overall aspects on holographic memories and display. Since 2011, this workshop have extend the scope furthermore, IWH covers the holographic display as well as holographic memory. Last year, IWH2015 was held in Okinawa Convention Center, Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan, with great success. IWH2016 is jointly organized by the following associations in Taiwan & Japan:

– Ministry of Science and Technology

– Ministry of Education

– International Workshop on Holography

– Molecular Imaging Center, National Taiwan University

– Institute of Medical Device and Imaging

– Holography System Development Forum.

; in corporate with the following societies

– Taiwan Photonics Society

– Instrument Technology Research Center, NAR Labs

– Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association


All topics related to holography including memories, displays, digital holography, computer generated holography, and holographic optical elements are going to be discussed, ranging from their basic physics and technologies to practical applications, such as materials, components, measurements, basic theory and physics, system design, simulations and devices. In what follows is the list of subject areas, which are not restrictive but suggestive:

  1. Holographic Memory

  2. Holographic Optical Elements

  3. Computer Generated Holography

  4. Digital Holography

  5. Holographic Imaging   Techniques

  6. Holographic Display

  7. Holography Arts and Design

  8. Recording Materials

  9. Signal Processing for Holography

  10. Devices for Holography

  11. Applications

  12. Others